Let The Music Move You

I played my music and expert DJing styles at both formal and informal gatherings for many years. Be it a corporate event, family-friendly get-together, or a party for adults, let the music move you and give you the best experiences.




Let me make your nightclub an outing to remember with contemporary and classic music in fusion with my DJing expertise. DJing is an open format style of live hands-on mixing. I make sure that everybody is captivated by the ambiance created by the music. Not every event is the same, so I work closely with my clients to ensure the best and bring life to the dancefloor! I play for family-friendly events too.

DJing Styles

Pick your genre of entertainment from the two different styles of DJing

  • Family-friendly for events like weddings or corporate parties
  • Adult-oriented for environments like nightclubs and Parties
Jammin Wizard